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About us

Who we are

Safer Futures launched in July 2018, as the commissioned support service for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Safer Futures is delivered by First Light in partnership with Barnardo’s and it is funded by Safer Cornwall. Safer Futures, provides individuals with advice and support to become safe and to recover from the effects of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

There are currently eight programmes of support within this service. Access to domestic abuse support services is through our domestic abuse helpline (0300 777 4777) and through our online referral form. Access to sexual violence support services is through the Sexual Assault Referral Centre which is a service provided by the NHS (0300 3034626) or their online referral.

To find out more about our support programmes please go to our programmes page.

Our goal is to end domestic abuse and sexual violence in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The service is free and it operates throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and provides a wide range of programmes suitable for people (5+ years), who are affected by domestic abuse and/or sexual violence.

How we can help

Our programmes are designed to meet the needs of people at the point of crisis through to recovery. We also offer a programme to people who want to change their abusive behaviour. We provide advice to professionals who want to refer clients to our services. We also provide training to professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

We believe that there are on average around 20,000 victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Only 7,500 of victims report their abuse to the police. Of 5,800 incidents of rape or sexual assault in the past year, just 955 reported. Safer Futures support around 4,500 people a year which is less than a third of those who are victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Our vision is to reach this silent majority of victims and survivors and provide them with support whilst simultaneously offering education and support to people to prevent them becoming victims in the first place.

To achieve our goal we are educating children and young people in both primary and secondary schools throughout Cornwall to recognise the signs of abuse and to help them develop and sustain healthy relationships. We are training professionals to intervene early.

By reporting their abuse, we can start to understand more about how we can provide the right support.

Over the next seven years, Safer Futures will be delivering and developing programmes that work at across our community – from crisis support for people experiencing abuse in their relationships, to understanding what drives the behaviour of someone committing abuse.

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