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Independent Domestic Violence Advisers (IDVA)

IDVAs provide emotional and practical advice, guidance and support to help you and your family to become and remain safe. They will seek ways to empower you to make positive safe choices and they will liaise with other professionals on your behalf. The support they provide could include help for you through a court process, help to access safe accommodation and advocate on your behalf.

What we offer

Our Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs) offer support to Individuals in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly and are specialists who are SafeLives accredited. They are trained to work with victims of domestic abuse at high-risk of serious harm. IDVAs provide high-risk victims of domestic abuse with a tailored and person-centered safety and support plan so that victims and their families are protected from abusive behaviour. This includes, but is not limited to, immediate risk assessment, safety planning, advocacy, emotional support and empowerment. The support lasts, on average, 2-3 months and enables clients to progress towards long-term safety. An IDVAs work can include court support, support within health services, housing advice, signposting and mediating between clients and services, and is always rooted in the safety of the victim and their family.

The Children and Young People IDVA role (CYPIDVA) provides high-risk children and young people aged 13-17 with domestic abuse support. CYPIDVAs offer age appropriate domestic abuse awareness and safety planning to incorporate the very different risks posed to children and young people in today’s multi-media society. The CYIDVA provides advocacy to their client by engaging with necessary professionals across appropriate services and can, when necessary, liaise between the criminal justice system and the client. The CYPIDVA works in partnership with the healthy relationships teams, social workers, schools and the MARU and Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC), to ensure the safest and most age appropriate intervention and support.

Types of support

  • Risk assessment and expert safety planning and advice
  • Access to Home Office Sanctuary Schemes to bolster home security arrangements
  • Information giving and signposting
  • Providing advocacy
  • Attending court and legal appointments
  • Brokering access to housing, debt management advice etc 

Who is eligible

IDVAs are the primary point of contact for people who are experiencing domestic abuse and identified as being in high-risk situations. They are available to both adults and young people. Referrals can be made by the client themselves, by a professional on their behalf and the police. We can be contacted by telephone or our website.

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