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Self Help: How to stay safe

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Digital abuse & stalking

Technology is a wonderful tool for finding out information, advice and building social networks. However, it can also be used to abuse. Digital abuse can include: Monitoring your social media or emails, Sending abusive or threatening messages Using GPS locators or spyware Intimate image abuse There are a number of steps you can take to […]

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How to stay safe

There are steps you can take to help keep yourself (and your children) safe. IN AN EMERGENCY, ALWAYS CALL THE POLICE ON 999. Tell someone you trust about the situation. Ask them to keep an eye on you. Decide a safe word or phrase you can use (spoken, text or sign) to let them know […]

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Sanctuary Scheme

The Sanctuary Scheme provides victims of domestic abuse a way to stay safe in their own home. The scheme provides victims with improved home security. If you are interested in the scheme please read this leaflet.

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Staying safe online

If you’re worried about someone knowing you’ve visited this website, please read the following safety information for advice about keeping yourself safe online. Delete your browsing history Internet browsers keep a record of all the web pages you visit. This is known as a ‘history’. To delete history for Internet Explorer and Firefox hold down […]

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