Staying safe during COVID-19
A guide for victims and survivors of domestic abuse

Safe Lives have produced a guide for victims and survivors of domestic abuse for staying safe during Covid-19.

”Our message to victims and survivors of domestic abuse…We know that if you are currently experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse you will know what being isolated and frightened will feel like.  You might be worried about self-isolating with someone who is harming you.  We’ve created this to help you think about what you might do over the coming weeks to stay safe. You are not alone in this. You are a survivor, equipped with the knowledge, strength and tools that help keep you and your family safe every day.

”Below are some things you can think about if this is happening to you.  Remember that you are an expert in your own situation and only take on advice that feels safe and relevant to you.  It is important to try and think about the things that may change or make you more unsafe, especially thinking through now how you might get help if you need it.  We also know that, like everyone, you could be worried about contracting the virus and the NHS website can give you advice around this.

”Always remember that the abuse you are experiencing is not your fault.”

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