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Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Early Intervention Training for Professionals – it’s everyone’s business

What we offer

People affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence exist in all areas of society. We provide training for all professionals across all sectors. All training incorporates a Think Family Approach and will be delivered in three parts.

Types of support:

  • Level 1 Awareness Raising: (Half Day) – this course provides domestic abuse and sexual violence awareness for professionals in generic services to understand what constitutes domestic abuse, stalking and harassment and sexual violence. It includes the signs, risk factors, safeguarding responses, managing concerns and making appropriate referrals.
  • Level 2 – Targeted: (Full Day) –this course is designed to help develop an understanding of what constitutes domestic abuse, sexual violence, stalking and harassment. Professionals will be given guidance in recognising the signs, indicators and behaviours, risk factors and the impact on victims and children and the appropriate safeguarding responses; carrying out immediate crisis and safety planning processes; understanding Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC), key agencies and their process and referral pathways; increasing awareness of sexual abuse, including Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), and awareness of learning gained from Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs).
  • Level 3 – Specialist: (Full Day) –this course is designed to raise awareness of DASV perpetrators to be able to carry out the process. It will consider the signs, indicators, behaviours, risk factors and impact on victims and children and the appropriate safeguarding response; the ability to deliver routine enquiries and complete Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) DASH Risk Indicator Checklist (RIC) for identified victims; immediate crisis and safety planning; awareness of MARAC and key agencies and processes; awareness of perpetrator typologies and implications for practice and awareness and learning from DHRs and CSE and implications for own practice.

Training dates for 2019 can be accessed here.

Who is eligible

All professionals in all sectors of the workplace. We know that domestic abuse and sexual violence can affect anyone, anywhere at any time. Therefore, it is everyone’s business.

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